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What about a nice piece of steak?

by Diane - May 24th, 2011.
Filed under: Food.
Get some steak on the barbie! Summer is nearly here so it's time to decide how many barbeques you're going to try and have this summer! Are you going to drag the barbeque out each time it's sunny or just have the odd one?
BBQ Branding Iron
BBQ Branding Iron from Menkind £14.99
Use the letters to create your own brand and make your mark on YOUR food. This brilliant device allows you to customise your food with 52 letters and 8 blank spaces, so let your imagination run wild!! BUT....and that's a big BUT....don't start chasing your mates around with that thing or they'll be walking around with your name on their backside ;) First, simply insert one of the locks, your letters and then the remaining lock. Then, heat up the iron while your juicy steaks sizzle on the barbie.........sizzle.........sizzle..........then bombard your meat with your very own words "VEGGIE KEBAB" and trick your vegetarian friends. Ha!! Features: The amazing BBQ Branding Iron Two locks to hold the letters in place Maximum 9 characters per line 52 letters and 8 blanks BBQ Branding Iron Spanner Following Letters: 3xA, 2xB, 2xC, 3xD, 2xE, 2xF, G, 2xH, 3xI, J, K, 4xL, 2xM, 2xN, 4xO, 2xP, Q, 3xR, 3xS, 3xT, U, V, W, X, 2xY, Z Dimensions: 46.5cm (H) x 9cm (W) x 8cm (D) Dimensions and Care Do not change letters when hot Handwash only Not suitable for children. Measures approximately: 46.5cm (H) x 9cm (W) x 8cm (D)
Donald Russell Introductory Steak Selection
Donald Russell Introductory Steak Selection from Donald Russell £76.00
Unbeatable for variety and, of course, quality, this is a handy box to have in your freezer for informal lunches or midweek meals.Sirloin Steaks, 1 x pack of 2 (min pack wt. 420g)Ribeye Steaks, 1 x pack of 2 (min pack wt. 420g) Pavé Rump Medallions, 1 pack of 4 (min pack wt. 280g) Beef Stir-Fry Strips, 1 x pack (min pack wt. 440g) Lamb Valentine Steaks, 1 x pack of 4 (min pack wt. 360g) Pork Loin Steaks, 2 x pack (min pack wt. 190g)
Donald Russell Sirloin Steak
Donald Russell Sirloin Steak from Donald Russell £9.75
Sirloin is one of the most flavoursome steaks, yet it's almost as tender as fillet, so it can always be relied on to please everyone.Sirloin Steak, 1 x pack (min pack wt. 210g)
Donald Russell Fillet Steaks
Donald Russell Fillet Steaks from Donald Russell £63.00
The most delectable cut of beef, our tender fillets come trimmed of all excess fat, and cut into neat, well-shaped portions. Fillet Steaks, 6 x pack (min pack wt. 160g)
Donald Russell Pavé Rump Medallions
Donald Russell Pavé Rump Medallions from Donald Russell £10.00
Perfect for dinner parties, these appetising steaks suit rich sauces, and present well on the plate.Pavé Rump Medallions, 1 x pack of 4 (min pack wt. 280g)
Donald Russell T-Bone Steak
Donald Russell T-Bone Steak from Donald Russell £10.50
This succulent, bone-in steak has a tasty sirloin on one side and a tender portion of fillet on the other. It's a big, flavoursome cut for those who love their meat.T-Bone Steak, 1 x pack (min pack wt. 370g)