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Order some unusual burgers for your next barbeque!

by Diane - June 7th, 2011.
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Why not see what unusual burgers you can get for your next barbeque! Everyone loves a burger done on a barby so why not treat them to something more unusual!
Venison burgers, frozen, 24 x 160g
Venison burgers, frozen, 24 x 160g £49.90
A marvellous way to serve venison, 100% pure venison meat using a coarser than usual grind to make venison burger of outstanding quality. This is a gourmet burger to delight the demanding.
Kangaroo Burger, frozen, 24x160g burgers
Kangaroo Burger, frozen, 24x160g burgers £49.90
100% kangaroo meat, no additives or preservatives. All the meaty flavour of Kangaroo packed into a burger, and lower in fat and cholesterol than most beef burgers.
Ostrich burgers, frozen, 24x160g
Ostrich burgers, frozen, 24x160g £49.90
A low-fat, low-cholesterol alternative to beef burgers! Fine quality ostrich meat with only salt and pepper added.
Mini Burgers & Minute Steaks
Mini Burgers & Minute Steaks £37.00
A super selection of mini burgers & minute steaks made from premium grass-fed 'Freedom Food' pork, lamb and fully matured steak. They will be loved by all the family!
Wagyu burgers, frozen, 2 x 185g
Wagyu burgers, frozen, 2 x 185g £9.90
These premium Wagyu burgers are made from 70% Wagyu meat and 30% finest chuck steak to produce a wonderfully succulent and juicy burger. Coarsely ground meat lightly seasoned, and made in-house. Impressive.
Donald Russell Mini Pork Burgers
Donald Russell Mini Pork Burgers £9.50
These are made from the trimmings of our finest loin steaks and roasts, so they have all the flavour of real Freedom Food pork, in a neat new shape that is so easy to cook. Children especially love them and clamour for more.Mini Pork Burgers, 1 x pack of 12 (min pack wt. 540g)