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Add Jack Daniels Flavours to your barbeque

by Diane - March 20th, 2012.
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Dobbies has these new items today! They have a great range of barbeques too!
Jack Daniels Wood Smoking Chips
Jack Daniels Wood Smoking Chips £13.00
Created from authentic Jack Daniel’s® Oak Whiskey Barrels! From the aroma of the bag, you’ll know this is a Jack Daniel’s original. For a unique barbeque experience, add Jack Daniel’s® Wood Smoking Chips while grilling and enjoy all the compliments you will receive! For use in charcoal and gas grills.. Wood chips are cut directly from whiskey-saturated barrel staves. The chips capture a pleasant mix of caramel, vanilla and wood notes and will impart an extraordinary smoked flavor to grilled foods. Suitable for use with both gas and charcoal grills.
Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Charcoal Bag 3kg
Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Charcoal Bag 3kg £19.00
Charcoal briquets made with barrel pieces plus smoker blocks cut from Jack Daniel's Barrels.. Created from authentic Jack Daniel's whiskey barrels.. Net weight: 6.8lbs (3.08kg)