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Burger press

by Diane - February 11th, 2015.
Filed under: Food.
Andrew James Hamburger Maker / Beefburger Press + 100 Wax Discs - Includes 2 Year Warranty - Ideal For Summer BBQ's - Comes Apart For Easy Cleaning Make your own burgers from minced beef or lamb! A simple and effective way of making your own burgers.
Andrew James Hamburger Maker
100 Wax Discs Included, Depth of Burger approx 2cm
Diameter of Hamburger Maker - 9.7cm
Comes fully apart for easy cleaning - see picture 4
Dishwasher Safe, Complete in a Gift Box. Includes 2 year manufacturer's warranty
This alternative one has a bottom plate that comes out to make it easier to get the burgers out - so you don't have to use a waxed disc. Progressive International HPM-1 The Perfect Burger Press This means you can make burgers and put them straight on the barbeque or grill.